The Firm

CCA Group is a premier independent investment banking firm that provides financial advisory services to Issuer and Investor clients in the Global Asset Finance marketplace. The firm is focused on creating innovative financing and investment opportunities utilizing fixed capital assets that are essential to the end user. Our team of senior professionals leverages knowledge gained from years of experience investing in and managing fixed assets to provide rational advice to our clients. Since inception in 2003, CCA Group has transacted in excess of $20 billion in asset finance transactions. Our core focus is in four sectors:

  • Power and Energy
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Energy and Transport Infrastructure
  • Commercial/Industrial
      • Our senior professionals have worked extensively in these industries, bringing great depth, coverage and knowledge to our clients. We leverage this experience and these skills to give our clients a different perspective on how we perceive the market, how we manage risk and how we create value opportunities. CCA Group also invests as a principal in these sectors, demonstrating our commitment to our core disciplines within each of the markets we serve.

        CCA Group brings together all facets of transacting and execution in the asset finance sector under one roof, including analysis, commercial, legal, technical and asset disposition disciplines.

        CCA Group is a boutique by market standards but our depth of expertise runs deeper than most “major” investment houses. Engagements with CCA Group entail direct interaction with and commitment from seasoned professionals, as opposed to mid-level generalists. Our clients demand a fundamental knowledge of the industries and assets we cover, and our people deliver on that expectation. Within the industries we serve our products and services include:

        1. Corporate and asset level buy- and sell-side financial advisory services in connection with structured and tax-advantaged and non tax-oriented financings and development stage and operating asset acquisitions and dispositions.
        2. Equity capital raises for corporate finance and asset specific opportunities.
        3. Private placement of senior secured and subordinated debt.
        4. Restructurings.

          CCA Group is a fully integrated platform and its professionals have backgrounds in all the requisite disciplines needed to transact in the asset sector including:

          • Legal
          • Tax
          • Accounting
          • Economic Analysis and Valuations
          • Commodity Risk Management
          • Commercial Asset Management
          • Capital Markets

          Our Value Added Approach

          The global marketplace revolves around capital assets that allow companies to ship goods, build product, deliver commodities to the end user and provide mobility and other elemental services to the world population. Companies that rely on capital assets are measured on how well they manage their assets to perform their intended function, which can be an incredibly complex process. Developing a financial solution tailored to these capital assets can be equally as complex.

          CCA Group works with issuer and investor clients to provide intelligent and efficient capital solutions that maximize the value of their core capital assets. We also work to ensure the capital put in place to finance core assets provides long term stability and is suited to the client’s business or investment model. We achieve these goals on each mandate we transact by committing our vast amount of talent and resources to ensure a timely, efficient and rational execution.